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How Healthy Is Your Financial Foundation?

Often, small businesses assume their operations are profitable, yet lack a precise understanding of their company's financial health. An adept accountant will collaborate with you to ensure your business excels in key financial aspects such as gross profit, liquidity, regularity, and efficiency. This partnership provides a clear perspective on your actual financial standing, enabling you to make well-informed choices so your business will last for generations.

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Pillars representing the healthy financial foundation of a business that works with BSB accountants & advisors in Southampton, NY

How is Working with BSB Different?

High-Level Perspective

We help you see the big picture, so you can minimize risk and make better decisions.

Easy to Work With

We will go above and beyond to communicate clearly, communicate often, and be easy to reach.

A True Partner

We do more than just file your taxes, we help your business become healthy from the bottom line up.

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We Know that Choosing an Accountant in Southampton is a Big Deal

We recognize the significant trust you invest in an accountant, and we approach this responsibility with utmost seriousness. As AICPA members, our experience spans from working with individual clients to Fortune 50 corporations, aiding them in achieving financial health and growth. Our expertise extends to the intricacies of New York tax law as well. We're committed to building lasting relationships, serving not just as accountants but as reliable business advisors to our clients. This commitment is reflected in the numerous personal invitations we receive from our clients, from birthday parties to barbecues. Although our base is in Southampton, our services reach across the greater New York Metro area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

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Our Process is Simple

Schedule an Initial Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with the team here at BSB Accountants & Advisors in Southampton. We'll fully assess your business's current financial situation.

Build a Healthy Financial Foundation

We'll create a plan to ensure your cash flow is consistent, your business is profitable, and your business operations are in order. Then we'll work alongside you to help you implement the plan.

Grow Your Business with Confidence

Experience the freedom of being able to check your business finances without anxiety, and watch your business grow in a sustainable, healthy way.

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Client Testimonials

BSB has been a key in surrounding myself with a professional team. They work hand in hand with all aspects of financial issues, including banks, insurance, legal, and governing authorities. Having BSB on your team provides peace of mind in the financial aspects of business and life.

Douglas Matz
Founder, Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning, Hampton Bays, NY

Our Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping Accounting & Bookkeeping

Whether you're an eager start-up or a mature corporation, we have the expertise to help you with your daily business accounting and bookkeeping in Hauppauge, Long Island, NY.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Tax Preparation & Planning Tax Preparation & Planning

Our primary focus is getting your company’s income tax accounts and disclosures prepared timely, accurately, and efficiently with an emphasis on audit-ready documentation.

Tax Preparation & Planning
Business Consulting Business Consulting

We serve as strategic partners for our clients, helping them to navigate challenges, build operational efficiencies, and take steps toward increased profitability.

Business Consulting
Operational Guidance Operational Guidance

We provide direction on operational best practices, bank financing, job costing, employee retention, marketing, and other topics critical to the success of your business.

Operational Guidance
Audit Representation & Tax Controversy Audit Representation & Tax Controversy

BSB is here to help you resolve your tax problems. We pride ourselves on being efficient, reputable, and discrete in representing clients in front of tax authorities.

Audit Representation & Tax Controversy
Individual Services Individual Services

Our personal approach to individual tax services in Hauppauge, Long Island, NY, allows us to help our clients manage tax liability while also minimizing audit exposure.

Individual Services

Local Accounting Services for Southampton Businesses

BSB Accountants and Advisors, serving the Southampton, NY area, offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the unique needs of small businesses and individuals. Our expertise extends across multiple domains:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

BSB's accounting and bookkeeping services are foundational for small businesses. Accurate financial records are crucial for understanding the health of a business. We offer meticulous tracking of income and expenses, ensuring that businesses have a clear understanding of their financial position. This service includes regular financial reporting, which is essential for making informed business decisions. We help businesses in the Hamptons keep their financial records in order, which is not only important for internal decision-making but also essential for compliance with various financial regulations.

Business Consulting

Business consulting services by BSB are designed to identify areas of improvement and potential growth for businesses. This could involve analyzing market trends, evaluating business processes, and providing advice on strategic planning. Our consultants draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience to offer insights that can help businesses in Southampton navigate challenges and seize opportunities. This can include guidance on new market entry, advice on operational efficiency, or strategic planning for long-term growth.

Audit Representation

Being audited can be a daunting process for many businesses. BSB provides expert representation and support during audits, ensuring that businesses are well-prepared and compliant. They help businesses in understanding the auditing process, prepare necessary documentation, and represent the business's interests effectively. This service is particularly valuable for businesses in Southampton that may face local, state, or federal audits.

Tax Controversy

Dealing with tax controversies requires specialized knowledge and experience. BSB helps businesses and individuals in resolving disputes with tax authorities. This could involve negotiating settlements, contesting penalties, or providing representation in legal proceedings. Our expertise in tax law is particularly beneficial for clients in the Hamptons and Long Island, where we help businesses navigate the complexities of New York state and local tax laws.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Proper tax preparation and planning can save businesses and individuals significant amounts of money. BSB's tax services involve more than just filling out tax forms; we provide strategic advice to minimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with tax laws. This includes planning for future tax implications of business decisions, advising on tax-efficient structures, and keeping abreast of changes in tax legislation that could affect clients in New York and beyond.

Operational Guidance

Operational guidance from BSB helps businesses streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall performance. We offer insights into best practices, help in setting up efficient systems, and provide advice on technology integration. For businesses in the Hamptons, this service is invaluable for staying competitive and managing day-to-day operations effectively.

Community and Client Relationships

BSB's approach goes beyond mere technical service provision. We are deeply invested in the Southampton community, often participating in local events and building personal relationships with their clients. This community-oriented approach is evident in our personalized service and understanding of the local business landscape. The strength of these relationships is highlighted by the personal gestures of appreciation from clients, such as invitations to social events.

Commitment to Excellence

BSB is committed to staying at the forefront of accounting and financial practices. Our team engages in continuous learning and professional development, ensuring that we provide the most current and effective strategies to their clients. This commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our service offerings, providing clients in Southampton with assurance that they are receiving the best possible advice and support.

BSB Accountants and Advisors provide a comprehensive range of services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in Southampton, NY. Our approach combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of the local business environment, making us a valuable partner for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of finance, tax, and business operations. Our commitment to building lasting relationships and engaging with the community further sets us apart as a trusted and reliable partner for sustainable growth and financial health.

The Four Pillars of a Financially Healthy Business
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The Four Pillars of a Financially Healthy Business